Sunday, September 4, 2011

Basting Max & Whiskers Charm Quilt

Remember this project?  I finished this quilt top in March and then stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it.  Oops!

I used a charm pack of Max and Whiskers (by Basic Grey for Moda) to make the quilt top and followed Oh Fransson's Charm Squares Baby Quilt pattern.  At the time, I couldn't order fabric for the back because Max and Whiskers yardage hadn't been released.  (I think that's probably why I forgot about it!)  Luckily, I was able to hunt down some Max and Whiskers Bubbles in White for the back this past week!  (The collection is sold out everywhere!)

I have to admit that when it comes to basting, I'm not good at using safety pins.  It seems that no matter how close I  put my safety pins together, my layers end up shifting during the quilting process.  So I was desperate to find an easier solution, and I did!  Basting Spray is a god sent!  I swear!  It makes the batting extra sticky so that it sticks to the fabric without safety pins!  Brilliant!

I use it by first setting up my quilt layers - Backing, Batting, Top.  Then, starting top side up, I pull back half of the top and spray the batting with the basting spray.  (I don't put anything down to cover my carpet.  I've never had a problem with over spray and I'm not worried about it.  If you have nice flooring or you're renting, I recommend laying down an old sheet to protect the floor.  Just to be safe.)

Then, kneeling on top of the quilt, I rub the top back onto the batting.  I make sure to smooth out any wrinkles.  (The beauty with basting spray is that it's so forgiving!  So it's no big deal if I make a mistake.  I just pull the fabric off the batting and try again!  The fabric will restick no problem.)  I repeat the process with the second half.

And repeat on the back.

And done!  It's ready for quilting!  :D


  1. Awesome! Waaaaay easier. Have you considered using a darning foot to quilt freestyle? I always loved the swirly look of that kind of quilting!

    The baby quilt is a different one than mixtape? I can't remember. Either way, this pattern turned out really nice.

  2. Yes, I'd love to free motion quilt but my machine won't allow it. :( I have to save up for a better machine.


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